By Dawn White, IET Reading Room Librarian

What is a donation?

A donation can consist of any book, pamphlet, photograph, individual letters/correspondence by members regarding their work or to other members regarding subject of interest, or anything else of interest such as electrical light bulbs from when they were first made (if you still have them especially if boxed, please send straight away as a donation of course).

Finding a new home

We welcome donations into the Library and Archives from members who just want to make space in their homes/downsizing, or their other halves asking, “can you have a sort out!” or “do you really need to keep all those books?”

From my point of view YES I do!!  But you may feel differently of course. Deceased members often leave their books as bequests and ask their families to pass on their precious collections to a good source and want other members to share the collection deposited, this is often us. If we already have the items in stock or it is not quite our area then we can provide a listing of other organisations or second hand book shops for the items to go to.

Recent donations

Some of the recent donations from members which we have added to stock are:

  • Ethics for engineers: a brief introduction by Anthony F Bainbridge 2022
  • Nikola Tesla: lectures, patents, articles published by the Nikola Tesla Museum 1956
  • Martin Theory: The mechanism of everything. By Garron R Martin 2019
  • Sir Frank Gill – KCMG OBE – The unique story of a MANX telecommunications pioneer- signed copy and presented to the IET by the author
  • Fabrication and characterisation of porous silicon: thesis by M F Mabrook 2000
  • Scotland’s science: stories of pioneering science, engineering and medicine (1550-1900) by John Mellis 2020
  • Evolutive extraction of parameters in organic thin-film transistors compact models: thesis by Adrian Romero Caceres 2019

Some members like to deposit a copy of their dissertation with us, which we keep as reference only but can be viewed within Savoy Place, Knowledge Centre.

Get in touch

As we may already have items you wish to donate to us in stock, we ask that you contact us by email with a listing of what you would like to donate. For books we require the title, author, year of publication, edition and ISBN if it has one. If it is photograph/s then please list what they consist of for example Battersea Power Station 1960, or if a letter who they are to and from and the subject. But if any doubt please just send us an email then we can go from there, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Email your donation list to