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Rare Book: Martin Del Rio’s Magical Investigations

By Daniel Simkin, IET Research Librarian The image above shows the engraved title page of Martin Del Rio’s Disquisitionum Magicarum or Magical Investigations, published in Latin in 1603. It examines the practice of demonic magic and gives advice on how... Continue Reading →

Mysticism in the IET Archives!

One of the volumes amongst the IET’s collection of S P Thompson’s rare books is an English translation from the Latin version of Emanuel Swedenborg’s book, ‘Principia, volume1’. This volume was originally published in 1734 (translation published in 1912). This... Continue Reading →

18th Century Electric Toys

Amongst the IET’s rare books stored in the archives is a book in German published in 1795 with the title ‘Sammlung electrisher Spielwerke fur junge Electriker’, or in English, ‘collection of electrical toys for young electricians’. The book was written... Continue Reading →

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