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Uncovering pieces of the past- archaeology at Savoy Place

By Asha Gage, IET Archivist In 2013 the IET’s London home, Savoy Place, underwent a major refurbishment project to adapt the building to the needs of modern-day events and its members. As part of this a condition was stipulated that... Continue Reading →

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From under the sea to the edge of space: the work of Oliver Heaviside

By Anne Locker Early life and career Oliver Heaviside (1850-1925) was a telegraphist, self-taught mathematician and reclusive figure. He never attended meetings – he nearly turned down a nomination for Fellowship of the Royal Society over the requirement to come... Continue Reading →

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Engineering and the Royal Family

By Anne Locker From Royal patronage to serving Presidents, and from Honorary Fellowship to engagement with engineering and technology, the history of the IET and the engineering profession is intertwined with that of the Royal Family. As we celebrate the... Continue Reading →

Cragside – harnessing the power of water

By Asha Gage, IET Archivist Sir William Armstrong, later 1st Baron Armstrong, was one of the most successful British industrialists and scientists of the 19th century. He turned his vision and inventiveness to his country residence, Cragside, which is situated... Continue Reading →

A Glasgow All-Electric House

by Anne Locker In 1923, IEE member Stanley Parker Smith was planning a new house in Glasgow, designed for “all-electric working” with no coal or gas. The design, construction and electrical installation of the house is described in a paper... Continue Reading →

“Where clients call, and fees abound … Victoria Street!”

The chronicle of a Consulting Engineer’s practice in post-war London, and of its founder, Charles MacKechnie Jarvis Guest blog by Jonathan MacKechnie Jarvis My late father was an inveterate hoarder, who seldom discarded anything of possible future interest.  He died... Continue Reading →

Methodus Geometrica – a real work of art

With the arts gaining importance in the teaching of STEM subjects (now abbreviated to STEAM) it is prudent to remember that historically visual art worked alongside and complimented many scientific compositions. The teaching of the arts in STEM subjects has... Continue Reading →

The Dynasphere

By Aisling O’Malley, IET Archivist The Dynasphere was created by engineer Dr John Archibald Purves who reportedly claimed it was the ‘high speed vehicle of the future’. Indeed, many publications at the time were open to the idea that this... Continue Reading →

What kind of people create an industry?

Dr Tom Abram, Director , Archives of IT I wrote here last year about Archives of IT and our project to gather oral history from the people of the IT and Telecommunications industries. A year on, here is some... Continue Reading →

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