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London Association of Foremen Engineers / London Association of Engineers (1852 – 1985)

The IET Archives recently received a fabulous donation of the photographic albums of the London Association of Foremen Engineers (became the London Association of Engineers in 1934) which cover the period of the organisation’s existence up to 1939. The two... Continue Reading →

The Remarkable William Kingsland (1855-1936)

The IET Archives has recently digitised part of its William Kingsland collection (reference SC MSS 24). The collection comprises 74 items, mostly untitled, including technical drawings, photographs and prints of Kingsland's inventions mostly relating to electric traction. The image above... Continue Reading →

Lighting Designs for The Tower House – Designed by Architect William Burges

The IET Archives holds a collection of drawings produced by a firm of consulting engineers, founded in the latter part of the nineteenth century, called Lucas & Pyke. Every drawing in this collection had been catalogued, or so we thought,... Continue Reading →

The Early Photographic Collections of Standard Telephones & Cables

The IET Archives holds the photographic records of the New Southgate factory of Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd (later STC plc). STC was a British manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and transmission cables which grew out of Western Electric, an American... Continue Reading →

Victorian Instrument Pamphlets (Not Electrical)

The second out of four recently conserved volumes from the Professor Silvanus P Thompson collection of pamphlets, has the title ‘Instruments Not Electrical II’. The wide range of pamphlets and catalogues in the volume cover a diverse range of instruments... Continue Reading →

Hailstones in the IET Archives

The IET Archives has just received back from conservators 4 volumes of pamphlets from the Professor Silvanus P Thompson collection of pamphlets. That collection comprises many hundreds of volumes of pamphlets organised by subject. Each volume, in addition to holding... Continue Reading →

Society Glamour Photographers of the 1930s

Many of the collections in the IET Archives contain photographs and many of these photographs have subject matter that is non-technical. However, what people might not expect is a small but significant number of photographs of ‘famous’ people taken by... Continue Reading →

John T Irwin Papers

The IET Archives has just completed the cataloguing of a collection called the ‘John T Irwin papers’. Irwin, shown in the image above, was a prolific inventor of electrical instruments and had several careers. Firstly as an instructor and lecturer... Continue Reading →

The papers of R A W Connor: power generation and supply

The IET archives has recently completed the cataloguing of a collection of papers belonging to Raymond Arthur W Connor, an electrical engineer who spent most of his working life at the Eastern Electricity Board. Connor is depicted in the image... Continue Reading →

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