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Claudia Parsons (1900-1998)

The image above shows Claudia Parsons, with her second-hand 1925 Studebaker car, which she called Baker, and her travelling companion Kilton Stewart. Claudia and Kilton bought the car for £30 in Calcutta in April 1938, before setting off on a... Continue Reading →

The Radio Times Papers of T R Warner

The image above shows the cover of the first issue of the Radio Times that was published 28 September 1923. We have this issue and other ‘special’ issues of the Radio Times, as well as some other BBC related material,... Continue Reading →

Yorkshire Electric Power Company (1901-1948)

The Yorkshire Electric Power Company (YEPC) was incorporated 26th July 1901 by an Act of Parliament promoted by a number of Yorkshire manufacturers. It was a supplier created at a time when the known uses of electricity for power purposes... Continue Reading →

Eric Megaw and Amateur Wireless Transmissions of the 1920s

This is the story of Eric C. S. Megaw in the field of amateur radio. This blog does not tell the story of the same Eric C. S. Megaw, the noted engineer, who went on to receive an MBE for... Continue Reading →

Who Knew Corporate Pensions Could Be So Exciting in 1919!

The above, beautifully designed, programme was produced by the Western Electric Company, Limited, for a corporate event on the subject of pensions held in 1919 which also celebrated employees’ long service. The ‘event’ was a meeting and dance held at... Continue Reading →

Franco-British Exhibition of Science, Arts, and Industries, London 1908

The Franco-British Exhibition of Science, Arts, and Industries was a large public fair held in London between 14 May and 31 October 1908. The Exhibition attracted 8 million visitors and celebrated the Entente Cordiale signed in 1904 by the United... Continue Reading →

Alyse Tomlinson-Lee – Electricity Showroom Demonstrator of the 1920s/1930s

The above photograph is taken from an article in The Electrician, 19 August 1927 and has the caption, ‘Miss Alyse Tomlinson-Lee, who, as announced in last weeks' issue, has been appointed attendant and demonstrator at the Leyton Electricity Showrooms’. The... Continue Reading →

Electric vehicles; a history of innovation

“Its possibilities are simply boundless”  This was the reply given by Walter C Bersey when asked what he thought were the possibilities of the electric carriage in 1898. Mr Bersey became an Associate Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Anthrax in 1921

In 1921 the British Government’s Home Office published a pamphlet titled, ‘Prevention of Anthrax Among Industrial Workers: Memorandum on the Disinfecting Station Established in Great Britain for Disinfection of Wool and Hair’. We have a copy of this pamphlet in... Continue Reading →

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