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Amy Johnson

Society Glamour Photographers of the 1930s

Many of the collections in the IET Archives contain photographs and many of these photographs have subject matter that is non-technical. However, what people might not expect is a small but significant number of photographs of ‘famous’ people taken by... Continue Reading →

Amy Johnson – New Papers Uncovered in WES Archives

Amy Johnson (1903-1941), the famous English aviator shown in the image above, was the first woman pilot to fly solo from Britain to Australia. Either solo or together with her husband, Jim Mollison, she set many long-distance flying records in... Continue Reading →

Theresa Wallach – Motorcycle Pioneer of the 1930s

In December 1934, Theresa Wallach and her friend Florence Blenkiron set out from London to Cape Town, South Africa, on a 600cc single-cylinder Panther motorcycle with sidecar and trailer. They rode straight through the Sahara desert without a compass to... Continue Reading →

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