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The Papers of the Electrical Measuring Instrument Specialist, George F Shotter

The IET Archives recently received a donation of the technical and work papers of George F Shotter FIEE (1886-1971), who was an electrical measuring instrumentation specialist. The above photograph shows George in the mid 1920’s when he was the first... Continue Reading →

Victorian Instrument Pamphlets (Not Electrical)

The second out of four recently conserved volumes from the Professor Silvanus P Thompson collection of pamphlets, has the title ‘Instruments Not Electrical II’. The wide range of pamphlets and catalogues in the volume cover a diverse range of instruments... Continue Reading →

John T Irwin Papers

The IET Archives has just completed the cataloguing of a collection called the ‘John T Irwin papers’. Irwin, shown in the image above, was a prolific inventor of electrical instruments and had several careers. Firstly as an instructor and lecturer... Continue Reading →

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