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Electricity Supply

Yorkshire Electric Power Company (1901-1948)

The Yorkshire Electric Power Company (YEPC) was incorporated 26th July 1901 by an Act of Parliament promoted by a number of Yorkshire manufacturers. It was a supplier created at a time when the known uses of electricity for power purposes... Continue Reading →

The Papers of Glyn England – Chairman of the CEGB 1976-1982

In 2015 the IET Archives received a donation of papers concerning the British electricity and power markets in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The papers were the personal records whilst in office of Glyn England, the Central Electricity Generating... Continue Reading →

UK Electricity Supply Industry Papers Covering the Period up to Privatisation in 1990

A collection of papers authored by Ray W Orson, and covering a significant period of change in the UK’s Electricity Supply Industry (ESI), has recently been donated to the IET Archives. Ray W Orson CBE sat on The Electricity Council,... Continue Reading →

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