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The Radio Times Papers of T R Warner

The image above shows the cover of the first issue of the Radio Times that was published 28 September 1923. We have this issue and other ‘special’ issues of the Radio Times, as well as some other BBC related material,... Continue Reading →

Eric Megaw and Amateur Wireless Transmissions of the 1920s

This is the story of Eric C. S. Megaw in the field of amateur radio. This blog does not tell the story of the same Eric C. S. Megaw, the noted engineer, who went on to receive an MBE for... Continue Reading →

Standard Telephones & Cables (STC) Factory at New Southgate

STC, the British telephone, telegraph, radio, telecommunications, and related equipment manufacturer started out life in London in 1883 as International Western Electric (the UK arm of the US company Western Electric). It only became known as STC in 1925 after... Continue Reading →

Alfred Delamare Papers – Further STC Documents

The IET Archives has just completed the cataloguing of a collection called the ‘Alfred Delamare Papers’, the second of four collections donated in the second half of 2015 relating to individuals who spent most of their working lives with Standard... Continue Reading →

W. L. Watton Papers – The Early Years of Television with EMI

The IET Archives has just completed the cataloguing of a collection called the ‘Walter Leslie Watton Papers’ which was donated earlier this year. For researchers and anyone interested in the technical details of the early years of television in the... Continue Reading →

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